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Boggy Bottom Bantams was founded in 2005 by Aubrey and Aimee Webb and is a family owned and operated farm in South GA. Aubrey has 25+ years experience with birds of all kinds, he started at a very young age working with migratory waterfowl and even had the opportunity to work with the famous Bronx Zoo. After inheriting his father's farm in '01 he decided to dive back into the bird business but this time with well known and rare species of bantam chickens. After several years of  collecting lines and breeding work, BBB now offers some of the finest quality birds possible and specialize in the breeding of Long Tail and d'Anver bantam chickens.

Please understand, we are a private breeder, not a hatchery. We do all we can to  help you with your  poultry needs whether it's just a question or an order. 

All our stock is NPIP certified by the GA Poultry Improvement Association and Avian Influenza (A.I.) tested clean... No sick birdies here.

We'd also like to offer a very special thanks to Toni-Marie Astin for all her help and friendship. Without her, our collection of long tail breeds would be nowhere near what it is today!  Thanks!!

Please enjoy our website and we hope to do business with you soon!

Thanks for visiting!

Aubrey and Aimee

Boggy Bottom Bantams

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